3 Tips To Maximizing Your Email Campaign Performance

To help you segment your list properly, improve open rates and click through rates, and ultimately drive more revenue from every campaign you send, we’ve developed these three tips to help you maximize the performance of your email campaigns!

1. Segment Your List

Blasting your entire list with every email campaign is a quick way to railroad your email performance, turn off contacts and increase chances at ending up in the dreaded SPAM folder.

Your contacts have told you with their behaviors how interested they are in receiving your messages, so utilize that data to deliver the right message and products at the right time to maximize email performance and ultimately revenue.

Create segments of engaged contacts based on key behaviors such as active on site, email opens, email clicks, etc., over 30 days, 60 days, 90 days, and more, ensuring your campaigns are delivered to the contacts most likely to convert.

30-day engagers: Receive every email campaign

60-day engagers: Receive every other email campaign

90-day Engagers: Receive a key monthly campaign

120-day Engagers: Receive only your best offers

The cadences will vary based on your business, but with proper segmentation the performance of your campaigns will skyrocket!

2. Copy Is Key

Understanding the purpose of each piece of copy in your email campaigns is critical. Not every piece of copy is aimed at getting the conversion, each piece serves a different purpose on the path to revenue.

So what are the goals of each piece of copy?

Subject Line: Get the open

  • That’s it. The goal of the subject line is to get the contact to open the email. When keeping this singular KPI in mind you’ll write more effective and engaging subject lines.

Headline: Gain interest

  • The headline of your email is to gain interest and compel your audience to read more, and get the recipient to scroll. Because if they never get to your offer and CTA, then you don’t have a chance. By writing a headline that grabs attention, your contact is more likely to make it to your offer/CTA.

Offer/CTA: Get The Click

  • The job of your offer/CTA is simple...get the recipient to click! Through testing, you can develop a bank of proven offers and CTA’s that you know will deliver clicks to your website. By improving the CTR of each email you improve your chances of driving more revenue. Make sure to track the effectiveness of your offers at each stage of the customer funnel and test the placement, colors and copy of your CTA buttons.

3. Re-engage The Engaged

When contacts open and/or click an email campaign but don’t purchase it doesn’t mean you’ve lost them or they’re not interested in buying. Quite the opposite, but maybe the time wasn’t right or they got distracted by everyday life.

These contacts have expressed a high level of interest with their actions, so don’t leave them hanging.

One of the top performing campaign emails you can send is a simple “Because You Clicked” email. Whis does this mean and how do you execute it?

Once a campaign has gone out, create a segment of contacts who have either opened or clicked the email but did not purchase. A day or two later, depending on the campaign/offer, resend the campaign with the subject line “Because You Clicked…”

You can also edit the headline copy of the email to reflect why you're sending this reminder with copy to the effect of “Because you clicked on our EMAIL Name we extended the offer just for you!”

This adds an element of personalization to the messaging and is highly effective in adding additional revenue to every campaign you send!

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