5 Steps To Turn New Leads Into Happy Customers With Your Welcome Sequence

The Welcome Sequence is one of the most important flows in your email marketing strategy. This is the flow that introduces your brand story to new subscribers, gets them to trust you, and ultimately turns those leads into first time customers.

An effective Welcome Sequence can really contain as many emails as you’d like, as long as you have relevant content to share and have systems in place to regularly clean your subscriber base. The goal of the sequence is to turn leads into customers, so there is no limit to what can be done and the creativity that can be used in your Welcome Sequence.

So building your Welcome Sequence doesn’t seem overwhelming, a good place to start is with mapping out 3-5 emails that are most relevant to your brand and most likely to turn new subscribers into happy customers.

Here is a great place to start!

1. Deliver Your Promise

In the first email it is very important to deliver on any promise you made that enticed the subscriber to give you their email address in the first place. Whether it was a discount, a free content download, etc., you must deliver on that promise immediately.

There is no worse experience than being promised something from a brand in your first interaction with them, and then the brand not following through on that promise.

2. Product Benefits

The second email in your Welcome Sequence is where you can go into more detail about the benefits of your product. How your product can benefit the new subscriber. What makes your product better or different from other similar brands that offer the same product. How your product can improve their life or solve a problem the subscriber has.

3. Your Story

This can easily and just as effectively be included in your second email, but this is a good time to tell your brand story. How your business came to be, the mission of your brand, and what separates your brand from others.

This is the time to tell your story!

4. Social Proof

Social proof and reviews from influencers and happy customers is a great way to convince new leads that haven’t purchased from your first 2-3 emails to place that first order.

Collect posts and positive reviews from Influencers and customers in a swipe file so you always have fresh, new content to keep this email updated. The Social Proof email can be one of your most effective emails in the sequence.

5. Incentive To Purchase

At this point, providing your new subscribers with an incentive, typically in the form of a discount, is a great way to convince them to purchase. If you offered an incentive to get them to subscribe originally, this is a great time to remind them of that offer.

It is also a good idea to utilize urgency with this offer with CTA’s such as “limited time” or “this offer disappears in 24 hours”, etc.

There are a lot of ways to layout your Welcome Sequence and plenty of ways to get creative in how you execute these emails, but with these 5 elements you’ll be off to a great start and will quickly see more new subscribers converting into new customers.

Stick to the layout above and developing your Welcome Sequence will be effective, creative, much less overwhelming, and a major revenue driver.

Bonus Tip:

A great way to add effective emails to your Welcome Sequence for new subscribers that have yet to purchase is to duplicate evergreen campaign emails (new product launches, engagement emails, non-holiday specific offers, etc.) and add them to your Welcome Sequence.

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