The 3 Automated Email Flows To Build First

Automated email flows are a must-have for any eCommerce store. Automated flows allow you to literally generate revenue while you sleep, helping to improve conversion rates, lower costs of your digital advertising, nurture existing customers and new leads, as well as improving average order value and lifetime value.

Those are just a few of the benefits of utilizing email automation for your eCommerce business. But, implementing the right automated flows can leave you with a daunting and overwhelming feeling. Getting started can leave you with several questions, potentially causing you to procrastinate on this revenue-generating strategy.

So, where do you begin? Which flows are most important? Which are the easiest to build and will benefit your store the fastest?

If you’ve experienced any of these feelings or questions, then this article will help you get started with email automation and have you generating revenue as soon as this afternoon!

Here are the three automated email flows that you should build first.

1. Browse Abandonment Flow

A browse abandonment targets website visitors that have browsed a product page on your website but have not yet begun the checkout process. This flow is a powerful tool to convert new customers and target visitors that have shown an interest in your products.

You may be asking yourself why we recommend the browse abandonment flow before the cart abandonment flow? It’s a valid question, as cart abandoners are further down the funnel than product page abandoners, so theoretically they should be easier to close.

But, with the browse abandonment flow you’re casting a wider net. More site visitors get to your product pages than actually get all the way to the cart. You’ll hit more people with your browse abandonment flow and with strong email creative, you’ll generate more revenue.

2. Welcome Series Flow

The Welcome Series Flow is a flow of emails designed to turn new website visitors into leads and turn those leads into paying customers. It’s your chance to develop a more personal relationship with your site visitors and showcase what makes your brand stand out.

With the right flow of emails delivered at the right time, you can introduce your brand and products in more detail, explain the benefits of your products, showcase customer and influencer reviews, tell your brand story, and ultimately turn those leads into revenue generating customers.

Make sure to deliver the first email in this sequence immediately after your new lead signs up and deliver on any promise made on your pop-up form, whether it be a free content download or a special discount.

3. Cart Abandonment Flow

The average cart abandonment rate across DTC eCommerce sites is close to 70%. That means 7 out of every 10 visitors on your website that begin checking out will ultimately leave before finishing their purchase.

You read that right, 7 out of every 10!

Those are visitors that have shown enough interest that they have not only added products to their cart, but they’ve clicked over to the checkout page to begin processing their order.

These are your most interested and engaged visitors. They’ve told you through their behavior that they have a high level of interest in your product. Building out a strategic and effective abandoned cart flow is often the flow that will generate the most immediate results and will help you recoup a good portion of those lost orders.

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